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Go Green On Lights, Save Thousands

If you are operating with old lamp ballasts, upgrading to new fluorescent ballasts can save you thousands of dolla‍‍‍rs.  We replaced our old lights with rebates and scrap for a cost of $3500 and are now saving $10,000 a year!  Read full article above.

DIY Security Surveillance System

Total Logistics Solutions has recently added a security surveillance syst‍‍‍em to help protect the premises and promote food safety.  You can do the same at an affordable cost!  Read full article above.


Is it worth it to buy equipment on auction and what guidelines s‍‍‍hould you follow?  Read full article above.

Will Election Affect Logistics?

With the November el‍‍‍ection coming up and talks about producing products in America, not China and Mexico.  What will that do to logistics?  Read full article above

TLS Recieves SQF Certification

In an attempt to stay up with food safety standards Total Logistics in Omaha, NE has decided to make their warehouse a SQF audited facility and received the highest mark getting an excellent rating!

Save Thousands Upgrading to LED Lights‍‍‍

Upgrade to LED lights, save thousands, boost moral and eye health


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Impacts of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) on Shippers and Trucking Companies‍‍‍‍‍‍

Electronic Logging Devices could have a major impact on trucking and the economy.  Read article above to find out how.

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Total Logistcis Renews SQF Certificate

TLS has renewed their SQF certificate for 2017.